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BPO 101: What is a Tech Support Representative?

BPO 101: What is a Tech Support Representative?

What is a TSR? What do they do? 

Technical support representatives assist clients settle technical problems associated with a product or service.

Their duties include responding to user problems and offering solutions for technical goods and services.

Tech support representatives work in a call center.

They serve as the contact person for clients with complaints or inquiries about the technology products or services offered by the company.

To give step-by-step solutions that effectively fix hardware or software problems, they typically connect with clients via phone calls, emails, web chat, or face-to-face interactions.

Technical support representatives use automated call distribution phone software to carry out their jobs and provide customers with remote technical support.

To determine the clients’ needs and offer solutions that effectively solve their problems, they must interview and listen to clients. 

They also perform software and hardware component troubleshooting to locate and fix problems caused by network malfunction or poor internet connectivity. 

To address client issues, technical support representatives communicate with the various departments of the company. 

They identify upselling opportunities in order to boost sales of the company’s products or services. 

They also have to conduct research to get data that will help them resolve customers’ issues.

As part of their responsibilities, TSR’s keep track of call transactions using computer systems and special tracking software.

To get expert help, they escalate difficult issues to superiors. They also make sure that set standards and protocols for handling consumer complaints are followed.

Usually, the job description of TSR’s also involves training individuals on how to use technical products and services.

In order to offer advice on instructional language, they also take part in the creation of client training programs. 

Their job description also includes making recommendations for tools and instructions that take into account clients’ limitations.

To work as a company’s representative to provide technical support on its products to customers, you need a high school diploma and some vocational training in computer/network administration.

You also need to possess a number of traits like problem-solving, customer-service, and communication skills to succeed on the job.

Here is an example of a typical job description for a technical support representative, which highlights the key responsibilities, tasks, and duties of the position: 

  • Actively listen to customers to understand their problems or concerns.
  • To gather data for recommendations and solutions to a technical problem, interview clients. 
  • Install, configure, and troubleshoot computer systems, servers, and network issues. 
  • Provide daily technical support services for information technology establishments.
  • Answer customer calls to give step-by-step guidelines on how to solve a technical problem. 
  • To ensure timely resolution, track and record client complaints using a ticketing system. 
  • By setting access controls, maintain the security and integrity of the company database. 
  • Explain highly technical details to customers using simple understandable terms.
  • Participate in development of information technology and infrastructure projects.
  • To avoid legal issues, make sure service agreements are followed. 
  • Guide and direct the activities of less experienced tech support personnel.
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of company products and services.
  • Keep up with new advancements and trends in technology. 
  • To reduce technical difficulties, inform customers about the features of your products and services.
  • Follow up with clients to make sure their problems are fully fixed.
  • Produce periodic reports of technical support operations to company management.

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