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11 Reasons Why Office Romance Does Not Work in A BPO Company

11 Reasons Why Office Romance Does Not Work in A BPO Company

Why Office Romance Does Not Work In A BPO Company

There is no doubt that when you have an affair with someone in the office, that person understands you like no other person ever did in your life. He or she shares work pressure and common interests with you. As a result, you are unlikely to be attracted to someone who understands the demand for your work. Falling in love with a person who works with you is considered to be much safer than meeting someone new in your life – that is, if you are single. 


An office romance leads to collaboration and the sharing of ideas, and it can also be a good source of influence for both parties involved. But there are downsides to it, especially if either of you is married. BPO affairs at the workplace do have consequences and can destroy not just your career but also your family life. Whenever you find yourself sharing too much information with a co-worker, especially of the opposite sex, always remind yourself of the following consequences of workplace affairs: 


1. It leads to absenteeism

If you have a breakup with the affair partner, obviously you will not want to run into that person. However, if you are working together, then avoiding that person will be difficult. To prevent meeting your ex in the workplace, you might avoid coming to work, and this will lead to continuous absenteeism.

2. You can end up losing your job.

This can happen if your company has policies against office romance or has clear rules regarding office affairs that your partner and you fail to follow.

3. Your love life can become the subject of office

Once you start having an affair with someone in the workplace, rumors might spread like wildfire no matter how much you try to hide it. The constant eyes on you and your partner in the office will eventually create bitterness in your relationship.

4. It can create legal consequences.

Your partner can file a sexual harassment case against you to take revenge, especially if you were the one who ended the relationship with him / her.

5. It can destroy an already established relationship

This is for those of you who have a relationship with a married person. It will be very shameful if your affair with a married man or woman destroys the long and serious relationship he or she had with their significant other. Extramarital affairs in the office usually do not have good consequences.

6. It can create an extremely hostile work environment

Your co-workers might not be very happy with the idea of you dating the boss or another colleague. They might show their disapproval by making things hard for you in the workplace and creating a hostile work environment for you.

7. Your objectivity and fairness will be doubted

This holds for those in positions of power in the office hierarchy. If you are having an office romance with a subordinate, then your decision-making ability and fairness will be questioned in each aspect. This is a significant disadvantage in the workplace because people begin to doubt your abilities and credentials.

8. Your reputation can get damaged permanently

Your reputation has to be protected and remain intact if you really want to do well professionally. However, if you get caught in an office romance, then your reputation might get tarnished beyond repair.

9. It can never remain smooth and peaceful

Personal matters might influence the professional interaction between you and your partner. Conflicts of interest and confrontations may arise, especially if one of you is a superior or boss (like a team leader). This will make your relationship shaky and disappointing.

10. Your career can be at risk

Due to an office romance gone wrong, you might not get promoted or have enough opportunities to climb the organizational hierarchy. You might even get fired, which will make your resume look bad to other companies to which you might apply.

11. The success of one person can cause jealousy in the other person

If one person involved in the office romance does well and gets promoted, then his or her partner might get jealous. The relationship might become bitter due to the jealousy, and things might end worse than expected. This will be true especially in the case of those two people who are on the same level of the organizational hierarchy.