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How to pass call center training?

How to pass call center training?

How to pass call center training?

How to pass call center training?

BPO companies have different training practices. For some, English training is followed by product training. Others jump immediately to product training. 

But, in this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to pass your training if you are working for a BPO company.

How to pass call center training?

1. Attendance.

Always be sure to arrive on time. Number one rule: Don’t be late. The only reason people get fired during the training period is because they are marked as late or absent. 


2: Speak English

Follow the EOP (English Only Policy). 

That is the time to practice before you start talking to your customers. 

Keep in mind that call center work involves speaking to Americans in English at a level where your customer effortlessly understands what you are saying. 

Eight hours a day, five days a week. 

3. Get enough rest.

Go home immediately after the training. Do not go drinking after the training.

Don’t engage in activities that will prevent you from getting eight hours of sleep.

The majority of call center-related issues can be resolved by getting enough sleep and rest.

If your problem is comprehension skills, problem-solving skills, sales skills, making the customer satisfied, QA or other KPIs, or AHT, most of the time, getting enough rest at home is the best solution. 

4. Take notes.

You can remember important things better if you write them down.

Be attentive. Write down lessons, questions, tips, pointers, and everything that is important. 

If you can, create your own reviewer. 

Ask questions too. Write down the answers. Review your notes. 

Taking notes enables you to transition from the agent who’s “recommended for termination” to the “top agent” in less than a month. 

5. Pick your friends.

Be wise. Not everyone you meet is your friend. 

Stick with people who inspire you to do better. 

Avoid people who encourage you to develop bad habits. 

We all know that bad habits have consequences. Avoid people who borrow money as well. 

Nobody who earns a call center salary and borrows money from a co-worker can be trusted. 

6. Learn from the best.

If you can, sit next to top performers, listen to them, take notes, and copy what you can. 

As far as keeping your job is concerned, only your team leader can be dependent upon because their performance is reliant on how well you do. 

7. Adhere to dress codes.

To put this one simply, you really do not want to watch your trainer’s eye – in a bad way, of course. 

So, make sure to dress appropriately, such as on smart casual days and no jeans days. 

For the ladies, remember to be mindful of the length of your skirt. If it is more than 2 inches above your knees, you should save it for other places. 

No matter how great they may look, avoid wearing ripped or tattered jeans. 

For the gentlemen, refrain from wearing sneakers or athletic shoes during “dress up” days. 

That is one of the factors in completing your call center training! 

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