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About Us

At Orbit Teleservices

We become a seamless extension of your business and provide you and your customers with award-winning, industry-recognized, unparalleled customer service.

Our values

Why Orbit Teleservices is a Company You’ll Be Proud to Partner With.

With 30 years of call center experience, Orbit Telesrvices is one of the leading call center companies in the world. We got here by adhering to a set of core values. Here’s what sets us apart:


Establish your brand as the premier resource in your industry by delivering superior customer service at every contact point with Orbit Teleservices.


Your customers deserve a world-class customer experience. Orbit Teleservices delivers award-winning, industry-recognized, unparalleled customer service.


Looking for an outbound call center to help you meet your organization’s goals, increase sales, save you money, and expand your business? You’ll need an outbound BPO service.

our people

While we undoubtedly rely on technology in this industry, we’ve learned to put people first.

We empower our employees to go above and beyond.

That way, we can foster the success of each of the thousands of companies we work with.

Core Values Matter

Our entire business model is centered around customers.

We provide world-class customer experience, we also promote our people from within and believe our people are the most important assets. We do our best to identify what our core values are and we permeate that into our culture and values in our daily practice and work environment. Partner with Orbit, rest assured that your customers are being taken care of. We strive to meet their needs at every point of contact, whether we’re answering questions, responding to complaints or making a sale.

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