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Reasons Why You Should Have An Office Romance

Reasons Why You Should Have An Office Romance

Reasons Why You Should Have An Office Romance

Reasons Why You Should Have An Office Romance

No matter how we deny the fact, the time spent in the office mostly surpasses the time that we spend with our family, friends, and loved ones. Spending most of our waking hours at work, the chances of creating memories and sweet corners for someone at the workplace become incredibly high. We never know when the cupid targets us with his arrow and we fall head over heels for the “person” in the next cubicle. 

According to a study, over 51% of respondents admitted having been in love with their colleagues at some point in time. With such a sizable population indulging in office romance, it becomes important that you know the advantages of office romance before becoming a target for cupid. 

1. Less distraction

Contrary to the popular belief that workplace romance causes distractions and decreases productivity, many relationship experts believe the opposite. They believe that having the lover at the office lowers the distraction level to a minimum. Partners tend to focus more on their work because they are not constantly thinking about their partner: what they are doing now, who is with them, and a plethora of other questions (overthinking skills). They can easily wait for the lunch or tea break to share what they want without spending work time on personal matters.

2. Mutual understanding of professional pressures

Not having enough time for each other is one of the biggest concerns of a partner; however, when you are working for the same employer, you understand how much time and dedication the company demands from the other person. Couples working in the same office tend to understand each other’s responsibilities and work demands better. Each partner understands what type of pressure is being put on them when they work under the same roof, thus decreasing the scope of fights.

3. Happily in love makes you a good worker

Falling in love releases the happy hormones in the body, and when the love of your life is within your sight, the happiness increases multifold. According to studies, people in romantic relationships are more productive than their previous performances. It may be just because of the happiness and contentment such bonds bring. However, with increased contentment and happiness, employees in romance are usually more enthusiastic and eager to improve productivity. 

4. Positivity everywhere

The companies that have flexible policies for office romance are filled with positive vibes. The positive attitude of the employer, as well as the love of the employees, fills the atmosphere with love and positivity. And a positive environment always adds to the creativity and happiness of the person, which brings out more positivity every day. An office filled with the warm, fuzzy feeling of love even makes the overall ambience more positive and happy.

5. Motivation to start each day

The prospect of meeting your lover at work makes you look forward to each and every day. You get motivated to start each day with the calm and beautiful vibes of getting ready to meet your “love”, “babe”, “baby”, or “sweetie” at the office. Your leave record gets better since you don’t want to miss out on spending more than 8 hours of your day with your partner. In fact, you would even want to stay longer in the office, thus increasing your longevity.

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