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5 Reasons Why Most Applicants Fail Their Call Center Interview

5 Reasons Why Most Applicants Fail Their Call Center Interview

Applying in BPO companies is easy, getting hired is not. These days, it’s like a chess game between applicants and recruiters. Applicants learn about the interview questions and memorize their answers so recruiters try to stay one step ahead by changing the interview questions. Applicants learn about the new interview questions and update their answers so recruiters change the questions again.

Gaming the system by memorizing interview answers is just the wrong game plan. However, we just might have the best chess move for you by showing the top reasons most candidates fail their interviews so you know how to avoid them. In this blog, we will teach you the strategy, not the tactics.

So here are the TOP 5 REASONS why candidates fail their call center interviews

1. Communication skills

The most important skill you need to have in working for a BPO is speaking and articulating yourself in English. This is required by BPO companies because you need to be able to share your ideas with someone succinctly. What you say must be easy to understand.

Often, applicants fail interviews because they stammer or eat what they are saying. Mumbling will get you nowhere. Try to sound clear and concise.

How do you do this?

The first is to LISTEN carefully to what the interviewer is asking. Then think of critical points on answering it. Now take a deep breath and then answer. Don’t talk too fast and say each word clearly and effortlessly. Breathe as you speak.

Of course, being proficient in English is needed to communicate well in this language. Watch more English shows to be more comfortable in this language—practice thinking in English. Practice while you brush your teeth.

As the saying goes: “Think in English, SPEAK in English.”.


Working in the BPO requires a certain amount of dedication. It means working on days that most people stay at home, like weekends and holidays. This is because most customers call in during holidays, at weird hours or on weekends.

Aside from working on days when others rest and play, call center agents may also need to work at night in order to cater to the Western hemisphere of the globe. Night shifts and even graveyard shifts that stretch on till the wee hours of dawn and the morning are common.

Unfortunately, not all of us can handle shifts like these. It may be difficult for students and those whose lives need them to work in a steady day time shift.

So if you are a student and you need to a steady schedule at work, a BPO job may be difficult to come by. Some contact centers do give a pass to students but this is not the general rule. Staffing needs change on the operations floor, with that, the ability to adjust is needed as well.

So if you tell them that you don’t want to work in a shifting schedule, chances are you are going to fail.


Yes, salaries in the call center industry are relatively higher than those in other jobs, but it doesn’t mean skies the limit. You may have had a really good offer in your previous job. They may have paid you a much higher pay, but, when you quit your previous job, it means you are back in the job pool. The job pool can only offer you so much.

Aside from this, if you went to a really prestigious school, don’t expect an exorbitant amount from a call center. There will be a premium pay, but all applicants will be on an equal footing despite where you studied.

Keep your expectations realistic. Try to survey the amount that clients and call centers pay for the type of account you are applying for. As a general rule, pay ranges from 17k to 40 depending on the type of account you will be handling. The average pay is about 17k-22k.


Like any other job, working in a call center requires commitment. It’s not a temporary gig that you go to work for on a whim. If you have future plans in the next few months or within the year to work abroad, then don’t apply for a call center post.

It costs a lot of money to hire and train someone, only for them to leave just like that. Trainings last for several weeks to months at a time without you making any financial gains for the company. During training they pay for your salary, while you sit and learn. So it is utterly unfair for you leave out of the blue.

You need to be certain with your recruiter that you have plans to stay. And that you want to build a career with them.


Call center hoppers are a big no-no. Working for a campaign in less than six months or so is utterly unacceptable. If you move to one call center to another, that will leave a bad taste in the recruiter’s mouth. You may end up getting black listed or unwanted by BPOs.

Be careful on what you put in your resume because this can spell if you’re going to be hired or not. Bolster your profile by showing great qualities such as having good work ethics and skills on your CV or resume.

Also inconsistent information on your resume is unacceptable. Don’t put fake information in there just to bolster your profile. Companies can do a background check on you, so do be extra careful and honest.

Basically, if you are clear, honest and straightforward, it will earn you points in your job interview.


So on a phone, face to face or even an online interview, you must be calm and collected. Start the interview with a smile. Greet your interviewer. Listen carefully to their questions. Bring your pen and don’t forget to dress for business.

Once your interviewer starts asking questions, smile and focus on each question, then formulate an answer as they speak. Do not make unnecessary pauses as you speak. Also, don’t wait too long after the interviewer speaks to answer him or her.

It also pays to practice answering interview questions beforehand.


If you practice answering interview questions, it would be easier to respond spontaneously.

Try looking for interview questions online and practice answering each one.

If you get the hang of answering questions by yourself, it would be easier to answer someone else’s questions for you.

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